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Magno premium cigar is a distinct cigar that allows one to develop a passion for cigar bonding creating an unforgettable experience. The Magno family philosophy is to capture the enjoyment and the indulgence of developing the true essence that catapults a pleasurable moment of longevity for every cigar connoisseur.

Cigars are a great love for those that appreciate all the fine details that go into producing a premium cigar Brand. The historical tradition and creation of this raw art form is truly infectious to many.

Imagine the enjoyment and pleasure of a great cigar along with always-great company, together saluting with a fine drink creating lasting memories. The friendships formed through cigars with total strangers beyond is indeed mystical, sharing the relaxation and delicious experience that splendidly rewards itself over and over again.

The founders of Magno Cigars are three Canadian born brothers with family roots spanning from Europe to Central America. While inheriting ancestral pedigree from Spanish Kings, whom themselves strived for passion and the desire to live life to its fullest, the name Magno and the three brothers as descendants continue its ongoing legacy.

Today, all having busy family lives, surrounded by the four seasons of their vast northern Canadian climate, the brothers united understand the value of time and the relevance of the enjoyed cigar experience to share.

Their pledge to all is that every one of the premium cigars is created with insurmountable detail, from the meticulous wrapper selection to the complex processes of aging and blending to ensure unparalleled commitment to quality, consistency and consumer satisfaction.

Let your Journey begin ….savour the taste of a fine Magno Cigar!

“Magno Cigars a company striving for excellence, quality and customer satisfaction. There’s a quality, a workmanship, a passion that goes into producing a fine cigar.”

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