Farming Magno Cigars

Magno Cigars are farmed in Nicaragua, a country that has emerged as a rising star in the cigar world.

There’re only two countries in the world where you can make cigars entirely from their tobacco, Cuba and Nicaragua. Both of those countries have the most fertile dirt in the world for tobacco.

The nutrient rich volcanic soil, paired with the ideal weather conditions, rivaling the quality and characteristics of Cuban tobacco, Nicaraguan cigars have made huge waves in the industry. Nicaragua is the new king.

When Christopher Columbus discovered Nicaragua in 1502, he not only discovered a paradise land where natives with their rich cultures lived, he also discovered a new world full of riches. Before the conquest of America, commerce was done thru “el trueque” the exchange of products. This was done to such an extent that in Nicaragua our first official currency was the cocoa bean. Nevertheless, it is also common knowledge that tobacco was used as a means of exchange at a higher value, since this precious product was used in exclusive ceremonies. This exquisite product created an unimaginable demand in the old world, becoming one of the most valuable treasures of our continent.

It is here where Global Premium Cigars, has been able to unite “el Doblón Español” (the Spanish Doubloon) which was the official currency of the Castilla and Aragon Kingdom, with the most valuable currency of the heart of the new world, tobacco. It was with the Spanish Doubloon that tobacco was bought and traded between both worlds, and today we have the pleasure of introducing it to you as it was discovered in a sunk ship and forgotten by time, and now it is out in the open to marvel us with its most valuable treasure: A treasure that is Proudly Nicaraguan.

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America with a climate and soils conducive to growing some of the world’s finest tobacco. Tobacco shipments have grown continuously, soaring from 33 million in 2003 to 102 million in 2012. It is the second largest producer of premium cigars and according to Cigar Aficionado (CA) is poised to end 2014 as the number one producer by volume for the US market. “The shift is a sign of the changing tastes of connoisseurs, who are flocking to the fuller flavors of Nicaraguan tobacco.

“Magno Cigars a company striving for excellence, quality and customer satisfaction. There’s a quality, a workmanship, a passion that goes into producing a fine cigar.”

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