Each blend is created
to please the palate of
different cigar smokers


Details coming soon…

Available in the following sizes:

Inception – Corona Maduro5 1/2 X 44Long
Inception – Petite Robusto Maduro – New Item3 1/2 X 50Long
Inception – Rothschild Maduro4 1/2 X 50Long
Inception – Robusto Maduro5 X 52Long
Inception – Epicure Maduro6 X 54Long
Inception – Torpedo Maduro6 X 54Long
Inception – Churchill Maduro7 X 54Long
Inception – Short Gordo Maduro – New Item5 X 60Long
Inception – Gordo Pigtail Maduro6 X 60Long
Inception – Double Robusto Maduro5 1/2 X 54Long
Inception – Grand Robusto Pigtail Maduro5 X 56Long
Inception – Seventy Maduro6 X 70Long
Inception – Massivo Maduro7 X 70Long
Inception – Double Rothschild Maduro4 1/2 X 60Long
Inception – Exceptionales Perfecto Maduro6 X 64Long
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